Celta Moore
Celta Moore, M.A.
Georgia Christian Counselor & Therapist
Board Certified
(GA. Lic. #04151659)

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My partner and I had been together for ten years when we first decided to see Celta for some relationship counseling. We knew that the next part of our relationship was to be challenging, Celta guided us to a place that we could separate in a loving way. We were able to complete our relationship lovingly, with respect and dignity. It certainly was very different from how I experienced divorce in the past. Celta inspired in us the courage to move on and provided us the space to continue a healthy, communicative friendship.


My work with Celta was instrumental in helping me bring balance to my life, so that I could pursue what was important to me in the area of intimate relationships, artwork and spirituality. When I first started seeing Celta, I was working all the time and unhappy in my relationship. I am married now and enjoying a fulfilling, spiritual relationship with my husband, after a long journey of dating, soul searching and opening my heart. Celta is really an expert in working with individuals and couples to create intimacy in relationships and honoring yourself and your partner at all times. Through my work with her, I was able to identify my needs in a relationship, and communicate them in a loving way so that I am fulfilled in my partnership. My conversations with Celta, and her suggested reading, strengthened my relationship to God. My spiritual growth has been a tremendous support in developing a rich spiritual life with my husband through the process of courtship and engagement and practicing our faith in marriage.


Working with Celta was wonderful. I got to see deeply into who I am in relationships, what I want and what it would take to have that. Since working with her I have the first truly powerful partnership I have ever been in, with the woman who is now my wife!

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I began counseling sessions with Celta after I had separated from my boyfriend of 5 years. Our relationship had fallen apart, and I literally didn't know where to turn, it was one of the lowest points in my life.

In my sessions with Celta, I learned to take responsibility for how I was being in my relationship and the impact it had on my boyfriend and the quality of our relationship. I could see how I had been focused on fixing the relationship and fixing him as a way of avoiding my own insecurities, fears and destructive behaviors. I began to have real love and compassion for myself, to be able to accept my own weaknesses and strengths, for the first time in my life. I learned to take care of myself--all of me--my body, mind and spirit. In time, I noticed that I was calmer, healthier, and happier.

I was able to complete my relationship with my boyfriend in a way that left both him and me satisfied. Through Celta's gentle coaching, I developed the tools to have a successful and fulfilling relationship. I met the most extraordinary man shortly thereafter--and we have been in a committed, loving relationship for the past 10 years.

None of this would have been possible without Celta's understanding, guidance and wisdom. She is a truly gifted counselor--someone who combines a solid understanding of psychology and years of experience with an intuitive ability to heal. I grew tremendously during the years Celta worked with me. Without reservation, Celta has my highest recommendation.

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I've been working with Celta on almost every aspect of life, romantic relationships, family, friends, spirituality, and career, and have received so many profound benefits. Here are a few examples.

Being afraid that I would not be accepted by people and not trusting myself, affected my interactions with almost every person in my life. This fear was completely hidden my whole life until this time. Through my work with Celta, I feel more grounded and at ease with myself and others. I trust myself and my instincts, and am now rarely concerned with other's approval.

I also have come a long way in being able to acknowledge if I'm angry or upset and have learned to communicate my expectations in ways that are productive, rather than upsetting to others.

Much of the progress I've made are in areas that are everyday and subtle; issues I wouldn't have realized existed without working with Celta.

This transformation and growth continues. I'm currently engaged to the love of my life. Though this wasn't so clear for many years, I'm now clear that it's what I've always wanted. The work I've done with Celta has given me the tools and courage to make it happen. We are expecting our first child! Nothing could have fully prepared me for this magical experience, yet, I'm now more comfortable with variables unknown. Celta's encouragement and support has led to newer and deeper expressions of spirituality, communication, love, and emotions. There's more I could say... I'll stop here. This has been an amazing journey!!

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